2006 Concerts in Denmark
2005 Concerts in Denmark and Sweden (Nefertiti, Göteborg)
2004 Concerts in Denmark
2002 CD release: SHAMAN
2002 Concerts in Denmark (Musikcaféen, Århus & Copenhagen Jazzhouse)
2001 Concerts in England (Salisbury Festival)
2000 CD Recording in Gothenburg
2000 Concerts in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
1999 Concerts in Norway and Germany
October 98 CD release in Sweden
Virgin Sweden has now released the cd, with the title "Northern Moods".
August 98 Northern Voices Scandinavian tour
August 98 Release date for The Thule Spirit in Sweden
Virgin Sweden has set a date for the release of The Thule Spirit in Sweden, to the 21st of October.
December 97 Northern Voices receives Grammy nomination for The Thule Spirit.
The Danish Grammy Awards has nominated The Thule Spirit in the category for Best Jazz Album of 1997 in Denmark. The awards ceremony will be held February 7th.
October 97  Århus Stiftstidende reviews The Thule Spirit.
The prestigious danish newspaper calls the music "an organic and flowing experience" and "not jazz or world music, but both and much more". Furthermore they say " The Danish-Swedish team has with dynamical and thoughtful arrangements, with additions of synthesizers, string orchestra and rhythm section, created a new painting over the sketches that the Thule-eskimoes' songs consists of in this context.
October 97  Musikeren reviews The Thule Spirit.
"Rhythmical steps in the frost bitten snow fades into the voice of Kiqutikaq Duneq's, and the whole Greenlandish/Nordic sound universe, which Christian Vuust and Tobias Sjögren so personally and beautifully has interpreted".
September 97 Jyllandsposten reviews The Thule Spirit.
An original and different CD, which holds many fine details and exciting facettes.


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